Application Guidelines

Submissions should consider how their contributions could:

  • Deliver new data, research or insights for cities and city actors and opportunities for scaling up.
  • Demonstrate new approaches to interdisciplinary knowledge co-production and multilevel governance.
  • Generate partnerships for implementation, regionally or globally.
  • Define and demonstrate what is innovative about city approaches and practices highlighted in the context of climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), across technological, social, and institutional innovation.
  • Consider the level of accessibility of innovations and how they relate to considerations of equity and justice.
  • Discuss common barriers/difficulties experienced and how they are overcome, with particular reference to how uncertainties are dealt with.
  • Explore how interdisciplinary frameworks, particularly use of foresight analysis and future scenarios / systems design for the themes can enable sustainable transformation towards permanent resilience in climate change.
  • Present use cases and how they could drive implementation pathways and what contextualisation is needed to guarantee better dissemination.
and or
  • Consider how innovations are contextualised (fit-for-purpose relative to local needs) and opportunities for innovative solutions (technological, social, institutional) to be scaled up within and between cities and regions.

Before you begin the online form, please prepare the following information: ​

  • Submitters contact details.
  • Submission title – must be limited to 25 words.
  • Description text – limited to 400 words  (including references, hyperlinks to case studies or websites).
  • You will also be asked a series of questions relating to the format of the session, innovation type, related themes, target audience, language requirementsetc.

Submission process:

Please read the submission process before submitting.

  • The deadline for submissions is 04th August, any submissions received after this date will not be considered.
  • When you submit you will receive a confirmation email. Please contact us if you do not receive this email of confirmation.
  • The Conference Partners Network Organising Committee and the Science and Innovation Steering Committee will determine whether the submission is accepted for the conference, with consideration given to the author’s preference of format.
  • You will receive notification of selection by 06th September.
  • Instructions for preparation of sessions will be made available on the I4C conference website after the notification of selection deadline.

Please note that the same form can be used to submit an individual conference presentation (20 mins), a whole session (90 mins) or other session formats.

Steven Bland
Jorn Verbeeck
Global Covenant of Mayors
Jasdeep Randhawa
Dr Cathy Oke
University of Melbourne
Sai Joshi
Hedda Roberts
Lund University