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Plenary 6 - Addressing emerging topics - how new insights and evolutions shape the future science and innovation agenda

8 speakers

About the session

How cities are using e.g. ‘Culture, History, heritage’, ‘Youth Voices’, or ‘Digitalisation’ approaches as entries into the intricately linked societal challenges and thereby help build critical mass, wider awareness, and tap into root causes.
Embedded in cities’ institutions, norms and residents’ memories are rich veins of historical, cultural, and spiritual information on how cities have responded to past stresses and crises. These stories and narratives have been studied by many academic fields and remain within the oral histories of cities.
The objective of this plenary will be to review what are these untapped knowledge sources, what are best vehicles for bringing them out while preventing a loss knowledge, and how to utilize these knowledges and unlock their potential to promote transformation change?
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