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Addressing climate change across intermediary cities

6 speakers

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This session aims to help reduce the large knowledge gaps surrounding intermediary cities and highlight the complex ways in which they are affected by climate change. Intermediary cities are some of the fastest growing urban centres and play critical roles in local and national development processes. They are also the nodes that connect rural, metropolitan and cities of different sizes in the urban system, and function as hubs for provisions of goods and services, facilitate rural-urban and circular migration, employment diversification and reducing poverty. Yet intermediary cities face a series of challenges, which disproportionately expose them to climate change. Indeed their fast, unplanned growth, closer links to rural areas, lack of adequate policies and resources, expose them to compounded direct and indirect effects of climate change. The panel will also highlight the large potential of intermediary cities for building climate resilience and contribute to global efforts of GHG reduction. It will spotlight selected cases of intermediary cities which have implemented successful local climate actions through participatory local actions and knowledge co-production efforts.