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Nature-based solutions approaches to climate change adaptation in urban informal settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa

8 speakers

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Municipalities in sub-Saharan Africa are increasingly considering and integrating urban green infrastructure/ Nature Based Solutions for improving the resilience and wellbeing of residents living in informal settlements. The panel will highlight best practices from around the region for leveraging NBSs for informal settlement upgrading in urban and peri urban areas. The panelists will address the challenges faced by informal settlements in terms of basic service provision, especially poorly maintained water and sanitation services, public spaces, food security and employment generation and present case studies of innovative NBS that have been launched to address these. The discussion will also touch upon the governance systems and mechanisms that need to be in place to support, implement and maintain such green solutions effectively. The panel will also address the potential of green infrastructure and other Nature Based Solutions in driving a sustainable, job-intensive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in African cities, especially in light of the environmental inequalities in African cities.