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URBAN MENUS Smart Cities with Happiness: How can we develop new visions for quarters where people want to live& companies work and environment is healthy

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Our session deals with multi-criteria city planning, concretely with a method for participatory impact-oriented city planning using a 3D web tool with integrated participation and impacts assessment features. More than 100 parameters in total are analyzed, results are aggregated to characterize visions concerning the following five current societal goals: Happiness, Security, Innovation, Economy and Circularity. Therefore, people can put themselves in the shoes of inhabitants or visitors of the place, being a pedestrian, a biker, or a vehicle user – feeling what it is like to be in this place. Using this method for different city settings helps to reveal today’s main sustainability challenges and the appertaining knowledge gaps and identify potential improvements:
Climate action covering mitigation and adaptation Resource management, including water management Smart urbanization Smart mobility Sustainable production Sustainable consumption Protection and restoration of ecosystems, biodiversity Cohesion, peace, and socio-economic developmentAs the analyses are done along with concrete city planning contexts, the solutions coming up are very tangible. The visual representation supports different stakeholders, even those not used to discuss these topics, being involved and actively engaging and contributing – and finally agree with the plan to implement the solutions elaborated.The method is not only able to deliver new insights on sustainable development but also action research methodologies. It is a method for accelerating target-oriented knowledge transfer between disciplines and perspectives, thus advancing science and technology, enabling the advancement of research insights and research result transfer into practice.