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Green and Thriving Neighborhoods, a pathway to net zero using the 15-minute City

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The majority of GHG emissions come from cities and their built environment. As urban populations increase, we know that compact and connected communities are the best way to preserve global resources and fragile biodiversity. Therefore, we must harness a model for low-carbon urban development that is human-scale, thriving and inclusive for our future; a model that promotes sustainable and equitable neighbourhoods that citizens can strive for and that can be replicated widely.
The neighbourhood-scale offers some unique opportunities to accelerate towards net zero. Cities can set a clear vision and step-up ambition on climate objectives. Taking advantage of the balance between scale and agility, neighbourhood projects can act as test bed for new policies, innovative technologies, and crucially in driving the positive engagement and participation of citizens and communities.Developing neighbourhood projects that set a positive vision of cities’ low carbon future, can therefore be a strong catalyst for change.C40 and Arup have released a Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods Guidebook that proposes a common approach for projects that embrace the low-carbon objective as well as the critical goal to ensure a quality of life for the residents, through the 15-minute City model.The session will present the Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods approach and will draw on best practice thinking and successful neighbourhood’ projects in cities across the world. It will bring together City officials, built environment leaders, academic and Students.