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Use of open source tools and innovative methodologies for public and green space assessments and strategies

5 speakers

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The proposed parallel session will be organized by the Urban-LEDS II Programme (ECLEI Bangladesh) in collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Development (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh) Global Public Space Programme (UN-Habitat), and Department of Urban Ecological Planning (Norwegian University of Science and Technologies).
ICLEI Bangladesh will talk about how GIS technology was used to develop a green space strategy for Rajshahi City, Bangladesh. The CDS will talk about their study regarding the role of green spaces to provide cultural ecosystem services in the rapid urbanization context in Bangladesh. The GPSP will present their experience of using open source and digital technology to assess green spaces at the city-wide level. Mr. Peter Gotsch from the NTNU will moderate the discussion.The session will be guided through few key questions, 1. What are the available open source technologies and how they can support assessment of green spaces, both quality, and quantity through a participatory process? 2. What roles do green spaces play to promote a sustainable, healthy, and the resilient urban environment? 3. Why city leaders, urban practitioners and researchers should focus on technologies and innovation for green growth and resilient urban development?The session intends to engage the participants in a collaborative discussion on how urban practitioners and researchers can be benefited from available open-source technologies and digital tools that allow them to assess and to develop an inventory of green spaces for long term development and management decisions for making their cities sustainable, resilient and livable for all residents.