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Urban Resilience: Capacity building for action

7 speakers

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The session will be introduced by two short presentations on the results of: the research on Capacity Building within Urban Resilience, by University of Southern Denmark in collaboration with UN-Habitat; and the Urban Resilience Intensive Training (URIT) for practitioners, policymakers and researchers by the International Urban Resilience Academy (IURA) coordinated by the University of Southern Denmark in collaboration with over 20 international organizations (e.g. UN-Habitat, ICLEI, UNESCO, UNDRR, et al.) Both activities were designed following the outcomes and recommendations of the Cities IPCC Conference in Edmonton and the Global Research and Action Agenda on Cities and Climate Change, by fostering capacity building and peer-to-peer learning between practitioners, policymakers (national and local level) and researchers.
The panellists will debate on the four key questions derived from Innovate4Cities's City Research Agenda, using as starting point the preliminary results of the Capacity Building within Urban Resilience research and the training activities of the International Urban Resilience Academy.