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Systemic Innovation for Unlocking Climate-Neutrality in Cities by 2030: Learnings from the Healthy Clean Cities programme to support the EU Green Deal and Innovation Mission

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The IPCC call to pursue 1.5°C-consistent pathways means cities need to create enabling conditions for changing the functioning and structure of whole systems and move beyond incremental approaches and existing service-delivery mechanisms. A systems-change focus can help cities learn to manage complexity and identify multiple drivers of change simultaneously. Innovations are needed in policy and governance, behaviour, technology, business models, finance, all of which interact with each other. This approach connects single solutions and projects into integrated, synergistic actions consistent with changing complex systems.
Climate-KIC’s Healthy Clean Cities programme brought a systems innovation approach to 15 cities across Europe. The programme launched in 2019 and was designed to inform the EU’s Mission with an ambition of 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030. In the past two years, substantial resources, expertise, and capabilities have helped cities push for much more radical actions, using strategic experimentation, portfolio orchestration, and accelerated learning through sensemaking. Moreover, advanced capabilities on citizen engagement, governance, social innovation, finance, and portfolio design helped cities work in deeper, integrated ways.This panel will feature practitioners, experts, and city representatives to highlight the learnings, challenges, and opportunities of the two-year journey of Healthy Clean Cities, and its future implications for achieving the EU’s European Green Deal and Innovation Mission on 100 Climate-Neutral Cities. We will also discuss emerging new governance and policy directions, capital strategies, replication and scaling up mechanisms for cities and regions.