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Supporting cities in navigating towards 24/7 carbon free energy

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Implementing 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy targets helps cities shift beyond only offsetting emissions by committing to only using clean energy. This new way of framing clean energy has the potential to transform energy landscapes globally& as well as inject investment into the local level via energy projects. Achieving 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy for Buildings and Cities will require moving from annual to hourly matching of carbon-free energy and load / demand on the local / regional grid. This means changing the common practice of businesses receiving renewable energy certificates (RECs) which measures energy consumption per year. Although this current method does contribute to shifting towards clean energy sources& energy generation from carbon free sources must be matched on an hourly basis to achieve a 100% carbon free city. This requires innovative solutions to ensure that grid operators can incentivize the use of clean energy to ensure hourly load profiles are met and that sustainable energy needs are reached at all times of the day. ICLEI USA aims to move from city-defined community-wide emission reduction and 100% renewable energy targets to 2030 science-based targets& leading to zero emissions by 2050. Working with data providers& modeling experts& and utility providers& ICLEI USA will update policies& technical tools& and carbon accounting standards giving U.S. cities the levers necessary to achieve climate mitigation goals.