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Vulnerability to Resilience to Prosperity (VPR): Roles of local governments

Nazmul Huq

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The purpose of the session is to introduce the experiences and learnings of ICLEI’s works with the local governments to ensure prosperities to their consistencies whilst being resilient to the climatic shocks and vulnerabilities. Resilience is often portrayed as the ultimate goal for keeping the system’s integrity in place against shocks; however& resilience also embeds the notion of continuous prosperity in a sustainable way which is often sidelined in practice. ICLEI-Local government for Sustainability embraces the challenges to translate resilience into prosperity through its application of five pathways in engaging with the local governments and communities. ICLEI’s data driven& bottom-up& participatory and whole society approaches evidently benefiting local governments& cities& town& regions& and their communities in multiple ways to take-off their journeys from vulnerability to prosperity. The session will introduce three important case studies from the three most climate vulnerable regions of the world; Asia& Africa& and Latin America. The case studies will demonstrate the applications of Climate Neutrality Framework to understand “where we are” to be resilient and guide “Where should we go” to achieve prosperity. Finally& the session also will introduce the future outlook of VPR designed to achieve transformative outcomes for the society.