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Unlocking city resilience through ports

6 speakers

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This workshop will explore future trends to look at resilience challenges and opportunities for cities and how they can be realised through action in ports, taking a whole systems approach. Using the framework developed for our research into Resilience4Ports, we will invite cities to share their perspective on the key opportunities presented by change. The workshop will introduce the ports systems and how they are connected, thinking about the drivers for change, and triggering a discussion about future opportunities to enhance resilience. Whether these relate to decarbonisation, the innovative use of technology or changing socio-environmental drivers, we will explore opportunities that are focused on the outcome for the city. In particular thinking about a collaborative and inclusive response to global port transformation that can support cities to deliver on NDC commitments and in support of the SDGs. Jointly hosted by The Resilience Shift and Arup, we will invite cities and their stakeholders to attend, alongside perspectives from port system stakeholders. The workshop will be supported by editorial content from across the Ports system exploring what good looks like, and we intend to showcase stories using mixed media including video, podcasts, and interactive materials on our social media channels and those of our partners.