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Waste Management for and in urban cities

8 speakers

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Urbanisation is increasing all over the planet. Over the time, the waste generated by urban residents has already doubled, from 680 million tons per year to more than 1.3 billion tons per year. According to a recent report of the World Bank, cities are centres of garbage production & the amount garbage they produce is increasing even faster than their populations. Cities in developing countries will see waste management challenges skyrocket as they continue to grow. This parallel session "Waste Management for and in urban cities" presents a diverse panel of various experts working for waste management. Panel experts showcase effective waste management in the built environment, management of construction & demolition waste, issues around decentralisation of waste, future of food using compost to grow food in urban farming clusters across the city, reducing plastic waste at urban level by taking initiatives at grassroot level. The session will also highlight and show the way forward as to how other cities can use the various waste management models and workflow for better waste management. This session intends to change the outlook of people towards waste and provide learnings for cities to provide equal opportunities to all and create a just society.