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How to communicate a crisis? Creating visions for desirable urban futures

5 speakers

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The need for climate adaptation and mitigation is widely acknowledged and urban actors are among the driving forces of global decarbonisation. However moving from knowledge to practical climate action is far more difficult, as goals might seem unreachable. At the same time, cities and their inhabitants also have to deal with other, supposedly more urgent challenges. Hence, the key question is how to communicate the climate crisis and what kind of communication is appropriate to create and share visions of desirable urban futures. The workshop will bring together urban decision-makers, researchers and experts from communication, media and film, to discuss how film and other artistic formats can be used by urban actors and decision-makers to communicate urgency of action and potential pathways. By exploring ways to create visions for desirable urban futures for all this event will seek to inspire climate action and showcase concrete ideas of how socially just decarbonisation processes cities can be triggered and accelerated. Among others, Academy Award-winning film maker Dirk Wilutzky will elaborate on a series of short films he is currently developing on the topic. The workshop inputs will feed back into shaping format and message of further short films which will be which will be accessible and usable by the public