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Mapping Sustainable and Resilience Business Practices in Mexico and Colombia: The role of SMEs in community transformation

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TRANSFORM is a global network of researchers and practitioners with HQ at the University of Waterloo& Canada and with five international Hubs in the US& Europe and Australia who work with small- and medium-sized enterprises to design sustainability experiments& build capacity& and accelerate innovation leading to more resilient& inclusive& low-carbon communities. The Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) was formed by the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) Office in 2015 to support the private sector to become a key partner in reducing disaster risk. They aim to implement tailor-made solutions for all industries and sectors& leading to making risk-informed decisions& formulate adaptive strategies and implement preventative actions. ARISE works as a catalyst for business innovation and knowledge sharing to reduce risk of a sustainable and resilient future. In partnership with ARISE Mexico and ARISE Colombia networks& TRANSFORM has selected a group of ten master’s and Ph.D. students from ten different Universities in Mexico and Colombia to be part of a transdisciplinary team of researchers working internationally to map and document sustainable and resilience building practices of small and medium enterprises and help to create a database to inform business model innovation& capacity building activities and experimentation. The TRANSFORM Latin America mapped sustainable and disaster risk reduction practices of (20) twenty small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to understand the trajectories in their implementation and identify opportunities to accelerate their replication in the private sector. The project moves beyond business continuity and corporate social responsibility towards identifying the pathway to business models capable of making more robust strategic contributions to transformative processes leading to more sustainable and resilient communities. This session will present the results and pathways& the reflections and lessons learned from the research team and the future engagement activities to inform policy makers& practitioners and researchers in the region about possible avenues to engage businesses for resilience building efforts in cities and communities.