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Tackling climate change with land policy

Pamela Guerra

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Presentation 1: different planning, management and financial tools to face climate change (Melinda). (presents an overview of various points: - the importance of incorporating the climatic perspective in the classification, categorization and qualification of the land as urban planning techniques. - the potential to use urban management and financing instruments for climate action. - illustrative cases (here we put several cases ... it depends on the length of the session). Each case can illustrate a particular point. Presentation 2: Arizona Case: climate governance / institutional arrangements / planning at different scales / the importance of articulating water and soil in planning. šPresentation 3: Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) in Dense urban watersheds. The case of the Medrano Stream Basing (MSB) in Buenos Aires. Daniel Kozak, Demian Rotbart ... etc. This case shows the importance of the BGI, it is framed in the tendencies of channel exiting, and it proposes different mechanisms based on soil to recover the valuation caused by climatic infrastructure.
These two cases are opposite: Arizona (water shortage) and Buenos Aires (flooding due to rains)