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Integrated& Holistic Approach to Planning and Collaborative Governance for More Climate-Resilient Cities

Roudaina Alkhani

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P4CA suggest a 2 part session supporting an integrated approach to planning for a more climate-resilient agenda that encourages innovation & interaction at all scales and across sectors& incl. ideas of circularity& renewable energy& aware ecological practices and adaptations of the build-environment and urban design & smart approaches. This approach requires institutional & governance innovation with new ways to engage communities& businesses and administrations and encourage entrepreneurialism and where educational institutions play a role. This approach contributes to more inclusive& just& connected & economically revived cities& turning climate adaptation & mitigation into drivers for shared benefit post-covid. The session discusses challenges to this vision & how to share knowledge across scales & regions. 1.London as Climate Laboratory 40min: The 15 Min Sustainable Place & Low-Carbon& Climate Resilient Neighbourhood at Brentford Roudaina Alkhani& Senior Lecturer& CoCourse Leader BA Designing Cities& Uni. of Westminster. Sustainability and climate research and case-study working with the students on Brentford in collaboration with London Borough of Hounslow. London Borough of Hounslow's Green Recovery Strategy Victoria Lawson& Exec. Director of Environment & Culture; Wayne Stephenson& Assistant Director. Climate Resilient Lea Valley Giulio Verdini& Reader& Course Leader BA Designing Cities& Uni. of Westminster. Research on climate resilient post-pandemic cities and case-study working with students on the Lea Valley with local communities. Integrated approach to water-land management Charles Haine& Technical Director& Sustainability Strategy& WSP 2. Knowledge Exchange Panel 50min: Issues taking a starting point in the London Case: Opportunities of an integrated& multi-scale & collaborative approach Challenges: institutional& legal & governance Climate Emergency - integrated approach? Contextual Implications Knowledge Transfer Host Dr. R. Alkhani Panelists: Prof. Lindsay Bremner& Director of Research& Uni. of Westminster On climate issues in South Asia & multi-scale institutional mechanisms. Prof. Francesco Musco& Deputy Rector for Research at Uni. IUAV& Venice. On multidisciplinary approaches to sustainability and climate& bottom-up policy. Prof. Barbara Norman& Australia& Chair Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Network& Uni. of Canberra. Dr. Philip Rode& Exec. Director LSE Cities& LSE. On Climate Emergency Governance. P4CA Reps / Asia & Africa