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Climate Changemakers Youth Leadership Training: Empowering Young People for Action

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#Innovate4Cities and #ClimateAction4Cities should start with the most engaged climate emergency demographic: youth! Young people have demonstrated their ability to organize the Fridays for Future movement and undertake climate action globally with great impact. It is important to move beyond supporting the strikes and engage young men and women as emissaries to their communities. This is why the British Columbia Institute of Technology& UN-Habitat and UNEP are engaged in supporting these young climate leaders& through a curriculum to increase their capacity and knowledge of climate change issues and how to organize and combat it& in both developed and developing world contexts. After conducting a pilot training in the Canadian context in April& we will hold the first international Climate Changemakers Youth Leadership Training on the occasion of International Youth Day on 12 August: The Climate Changemakers Leadership curriculum provides engaged young leaders with the skills& attitudes& knowledge& and experience needed to increase their capacity to influence positive change in their communities and unpack and promote a carbon neutral “one planet” lifestyle. By giving the floor to the partners involved as well as to young people during the Innovate4Cities& we would like to emphasize that it is time to invest in the climate emergency generation as equal partners.