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Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) Young Planners: Outcomes from our International Comparisons series on SDG implementation challenges and solutions from across the globe.

7 speakers

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"The CAP Young Planners Steering Group will provide a presentation and interactive discussion session on the findings from our International Comparisons series, and areas for future research. The series focusses on comparing challenges and solutions for SDG implementation between countries. It features speakers from academia, national and local government organisations, and the private sector, and has attracted a wide ranging audience. The countries which have been involved so far include: Nigeria, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Canada. Unique insights have been relayed during these sessions, and case studies have been gained from all of the participating countries which have been included in the events so far. The session will draw the findings so far, supplement them with additional comparisons, and identify further knowledge gaps and areas for further research. Accordingly, the following Innovate4Cities priorities will be addressed by the session: 2 - How should we prioritise?; 3 - What should we do?; and 4 – How do we finance and scale climate action?"