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Advancing Green, Equitable Recovery in Cities

2 speakers

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Cities are leading the way on climate action — but they need funding to realize sustainable infrastructure projects. There are hundreds of infrastructure projects seeking funding in cities across the U.S and Canada, most of which respond to years of deterioration and the need for enhanced climate and environmental resilience. In 2020 alone in the CDP disclosure, 97 US cities reported needing $10 trillion in funding for infrastructure. Addressing these needs will also spur significant jobs creation across sectors, integrate the voices of historically marginalized communities in planning and focus financial flows for maximum community and social benefit. This session will explore the demand from cities in supporting a sustainable and equitable recovery from COVID-19 and address climate action that creates jobs, reduces GHG emissions and strengthens communities. CDP will feature a discussion with experts who will speak on regional approaches and project aggregation solutions to financing sustainable infrastructure and tools for financing these projects to also have social and racial equity outcomes.