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Building Climate Resilient Cities - Focused Adaptation

Snigdha Garg

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Cities are on the front lines of the growing physical risks associated with climate change. They are complex, characterized by a wide variety of natural features, economic endowments, social conditions, institutions, and built environments. Some adaptation options that are effective in most cities may not be feasible in others, topography, elevation, power composition, and other factors. This complexity means that city leaders have a dizzying array of options for adaptation, making it difficult to set priorities and choose a course of action. The proposed session will discuss these nuances and innovative solutions to help cities in setting their resilience priorities. C40 Cities and McKinsey Sustainability have launched ‘Focused Adaptation’ research that examines adaptations that city leaders can consider as a starting point. The research has identified a set of 15 innovative high-potential actions that can work for many types of cities, based on their risk-reduction potential, cost, feasibility, and stakeholder complexity. This session will discuss the collaborative action that decision makers need to take to safeguard communities and build safer and resilient cities.