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Wetopia for climate solutions

6 speakers

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Wetopia is the idea in which we all recognise that we can only make a city together. All roles in society are important, whether you are a citizen, a civil servant, a politician, an artist, an entrepreneur, a city maker, citizen, a scientist and so on.
Too often we hide under the umbrella politicians keep open for us. But politicians are over estimated. They can no longer solve all our problems and challenges in society on their own. And that's why, in Wetopia, we turn the umbrella around and everyone can step into the Wetopia boat to create a better future together.We do this through "communities of practice” in cities. We locally create neutral space and actively organise new alliances to develop new working togethers, collaborative projects and interventions that start from the context of the city and the potential of the place or neighbourhood we work in.Founder Joke Quintens and partner Kevin Kimwelle invite three fellow Wetopians from different roles, all focused on climate solutions. They will showcase how Wetopia is put into practice in their projects.