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Succeed with Cooperative Urban Resilience and Excellence

Gareth Byatt
A large amount of inspiring and innovative activity is occurring around the world to ensure urban environments tackle climate change and become more sustainable and resilient. However, there is much more to be done – and quickly – if we are to achieve our global goals to address climate change, sustainability (including the SDGs) and resilience.This pre-recorded session describes the Cooperative Urban Resilience and Excellence (CURE) framework, and how to apply it to achieve ambitious city and town (urban) climate change, sustainability and resilience goals in the years ahead.The CURE framework consists of 17 different elements that exist in a network of governance, the ecological system, the physical system and the socio-economic system. Climate change science is one of the key drivers of the framework. It is formed of a blend of science and data-driven requirements and inspirational and psychology-based behavioural change.This session: (1) introduces the framework, (2) provides advice on how to use it effectively in the context of specific urban environments, (3) describes examples of how all urban stakeholders, including government, supranational organisations, think-tanks, the private sector and citizens, can leverage the framework for tough decisions that need to be made, (4) highlights tools and templates that can help people to monitor success of actions, and (5) provides details of follow-up actions that can be taken after the conference – including how to access framework materials, advisory services and support.