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Democratic Climate Model: how rooted collaboration and centering of citizens in climate action is innovative and critical for achieving climate resilience

Nadja Nickel

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This workshop will introduce the Democratic Climate Model, an innovation for climate action at a local level. The Model takes a systems approach to pathways towards climate resilience, making explicit the relationship between design, power and social justice, and where inequity and citizen disempowerment weaken governance and climate resilience.
The Model aims to foster higher quality of democracies and more participatory approaches by sparking conversations with public sector leaders, civil society and communities on more just, inclusive, community-led approaches. It seeks to shift ‘climate innovation’ away from a tech focus, influence governance and policy, and help cities think about what ‘scaling up’ for more durable, longer term change takes.It is positively framed around four categories of ‘conditions’ we see for climate resilience: (1) diversity of actors, (2) participatory culture, (3) resourcing and (4) subject-matter expertise.The Model is developed through our partnership in EIT Climate-KIC ( for achieving carbon neutrality, across 10+ EU cities.This showcase session will demonstrate Model use to date by city partners, including:
  • How communities can collaboratively design micro public spaces to improve air quality in NiĆĄ
  • Helping Krakow public sector leaders develop a more democratic participation strategy.