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Accelerating Sustainable Transitions through Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs)

5 speakers

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This panel brings together scholars from Japan, the US, and the UK with diverse backgrounds to ask: How can the Voluntary Local Review (VLR) process accelerate sustainable transitions at the local level? The panel presents different but complementary viewpoints to examine how the VLR can support local governments to improve policies to meet the SDGs at local level while increasing resilience to climate change. This panel, therefore, offers fruitful insights into how VLRs influence local SDG governance structures, how it fosters interdisciplinary knowledge co-production and multilevel governance, the interplay between VLRs and climate action, and how VLRs can support data-driven policymaking. This panel will contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding the Voluntary Local Review movement and how the VLR can help to better provide context-specific solutions to cities planning on localizing the SDGs, and in particular, SDG 13 on Climate Action. Through presentations on empirical cases and action-oriented frameworks, this panel will foster a discussion on how the VLR can help to bridge the gap between climate ambitions and results.