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Systemic choices, sustainability, and stakeholders, for resiliency in a confluence of ancient cities

Graeme Hanssen

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Our Panel opens a hitherto limited dialogue between Mediterranean cities that have similar historical and cultural ties – as influenced by the same geophysical / climate emergency, about facing similar issues of resiliency and systemic choices to be addressed. This panel consists of interdisciplinary experts within higher education, as well as urban practitioners (architects, planners) faced with tackling the challenges of sustainability on a day-to-day basis. By opening such dialogue between practitioners and researchers across transnational cities it is envisaged that a greater breadth of knowledge, as defined by GRAA, can open up, possibly entering into collaborative research efforts. This approach is expected to extend linkages between education and the built environment, but including political science (international relations) and economics experts to the panel – that it will also contribute to learning by interdisciplinary reflection: answering exactly to Regional R&I Priorities. It is imagined that by opening up this dialogue an exploration evolves toward the systemic changes or challenges faced by this confluence of ancient cities in the region.