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Promoting urban eco-tourism in Nepal, to support green recovery and sustainable development

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The urbanizing towns and cities in Nepal face a multitude of environmental challenges, while they are also the contributors to climate change. Nepal’s carbon neutral commitments will require cleaner cities, with less waste but also greener consumption and production. The session will highlight the impact of climate change on urban Nepal and the externalities exacerbating the situation followed by innovative solutions demonstrated by the local governments, civil societies and development partners with a bearing on SDG12 targets and urban eco-tourism. The session will introduce the value proposition of greener heritage tourism for Nepal, demonstrate its potentials and highlight the challenges for greening of infrastructure and overall development of the municipalities with a focus on creating a greener and more inclusive value chain promoting heritage settlements. A key issue of focus will be waste management, particularly reversing the use of plastic and its inappropriate disposal resulting in clogging of the rivers, littering, unsustainable dumping with serious impact on environment and tourism. The session will highlight need to lay foundation for green tourism recovery with sustainable consumption and production with climate-sensitive and low carbon development path for economic development of ecologically fragile country like Nepal.