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Serious Games: effective tools for mainstreaming NBS in urban planning

5 speakers

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In the quest for better living environments, we need innovative tools to mainstream nature-based solutions (NBS) in urban planning. This session looks particularly at how can serious games contribute in this direction. After quick background info and an icebreaking session, we will play several games to navigate the advantages and disadvantages of different types of serious games. The games will be played individually or as a group through an instant access link. In the second part of the workshop, we will present a database of relevant games for NBS and urban planning, a product of ongoing research. A brainstorming session to collect participants’ impressions and ideas on the potential of serious games and how to better integrate nature in cities will conclude the session. Overall, our workshop will generate new data and insights on the applicability of serious games for NBS in urban planning. Pragmatically, the session will provide cities with potential tools that enable smoother communication with multiple stakeholders and could spark the co-creation of future scenarios towards more sustainable and livable cities.