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Nature based solutions for Climate Change

Dhanashri Shridhar Mirajkar

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With two approaches to climate crisis: one is adoption and the other mitigation, this session will look at innovative models and approaches to how cities have adopted nature based solutions to tackle climate change problems. The session will look at Ladakh how fragile ecosystem and non availability of resources has tempted localites to rise up to the occasion. Acute shortage of water in summers, poorly insulated homes for extreme cold conditions and increase tourism pressure are some of the issues faced by the localites. This session will have Sonam Wangchuk talk about the various nature based soultions and eco-friendly techniques and innovations developed to tackle these weather uncertainty. Apart from that, the session will look at other nature based soultions like eco-system restroration in cities and their implementation effect to mitigate effects of climate change. The session will also talk on citizens participation and local government initiatives to protect and restore the khazans of Goa.