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African Regional Curators Mayoral Reception

10 speakers

About the session

This session will welcome guests attending (virtually) the 2021 Innovate4Cities Conference, engage the audience in issues of importance to the region, pertaining to cities climate science and action.
It will also feature a panel discussion on participatory approaches for climate resilience in informal urban areas in Africa.
Municipalities in Africa need to take actions to reduce disaster risks and incorporate climate resilience into their development strategies and plans, especially when it comes to informal settlements. But most local governments, particularly in secondary cities, lack the knowledge, data and capacity to do so.
To address this gap, innovative solutions for planning to build climate resilience in vulnerable urban areas/ informal settlements of African cities should involve the community members, COBs, municipal technicians and other key urban stakeholders to work hand-in-hand with the local governments. A joint journey and learning process based on community needs and insights can lead to more sustainable and targeted solutions.
One tool developed by UN-Habitat, CityRAP can be featured here as a case study for how to do this. Other best practices will also be identified. There will be a special emphasis on involving youth from informal settlements in the planning processes. Also to explore how academia can facilitate and use information/ data gathered for research.