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Innovation for Inclusive& Resilient& and Climate-Neutral Cities

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The effects of climate change are interdependent with the challenges of injustice, poverty and inequality. Cities and particularly the informal settlements within and surrounding them are among the most vulnerable areas to the effects of climate change. Climate hazards and local disasters continue to exacerbate pressure on the land, informal economy and livelihood disruptions, leading to increased urban inequalities. One billion people currently live in informal settlements and the number is expected to triple by 2050. Apart from lacking secure employment, basic services and resilient infrastructure, slum communities are often situated in precarious areas. Though many slum dwellers have developed rational and innovative solutions, progress towards safe and resilient work and social environments remains low. It is, therefore, imperative to design policies and practices that enable these innovations to transform financial, material or institutional limitations into an advantage to cope and adapt to the changing climate. The Cities Alliance, together with the UK Research and Innovation and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, will join forces to explore the nexus between informality, inequalities and climate change in cities and highlight the need for stronger governance. The objective is to bring together local innovators, city authorities, researchers and international stakeholders to distil innovative practices, funding mechanisms and state-of-the-art research to support innovation. All three organizations bring in their specific strength in research, practice on the ground, and outreach capacities to unite for enhanced climate justice through inclusive, resilient and climate-neutral cities.