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Harnessing Informal Innovation: Lessons from Three Climate Resilient Development Projects in Pacific Island Cities and Towns

6 speakers

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This session will focus on the complexity of urban informality and climate change in the South Pacific, and present case studies from three Pacific Island Countries (Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji). It will present the findings from four urban climate resilience projects implemented in informal settlements in the aforementioned countries. During this session, methodologies and tools that have been used for the development of city-wide and community-level vulnerability assessments will be presented. These provide an in-depth assessment of the level of vulnerability, as well as information on potential climate change adaptation options, while improving knowledge and capacities of key stakeholders, including communities, in upgrading processes. Emphasis will be made on how the project results are providing evidence for policy-makers and on the importance of keeping methodologies relevant for informal settlements as they cope with COVID-19. Moreover, further research is needed on how to “capture and weave together or integrate diverse forms of knowledge and data from a wide range of sources and perspectives” (GRAA). The session will focus on how diverse forms of data and knowledge were integrated when developing the vulnerability assessments and action plans. Engaging both urban experts and community representatives will contribute to this.