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Turning up the DIAL: taking systems approaches to urban challenges

Corina Angheloiu

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Systems do change. At the School of System Change we’ve set off with a purpose: to build our individual and collective capabilities to enable systemic change and we invite you to come along. This interactive workshop presents a taster session for using a systems lens to an urban challenge you’re working on. Together we will think in systems and design tactics for wider impact. This workshop is a collaboration between the School of System Change and the Urban Resilience Community of Practice.
This highly participatory and practical session will:
  • Take you on a tour of system change – what it is and why it’s critical for solving urban challenges.
  • Help you think about your personal and professional role as a system changer.
  • Provide you with some tangible system change tools and examples, and help you apply them to your own work to draw relevant insights for the urban challenges you’re working on.
  • Leave you wanting more, and tell you where you can find it.