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Building a virtuous innovation circle: how the cooperation between LGs& Academia and Businesses will help Europe meeting its climate neutrality goal

Silvia Assalini

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Cities have always been the cradle of innovation. Local governments, as the closest level to citizens and the community, not only sense the potential for innovation in this fast changing world, but can also pinpoint research and action needs to respond to major societal challenges such as climate change, inequalities and digitalization. The recent COVID-19 pandemic showed how important it is to have an open and efficient dialogue between cities administrations, academics and enterprises. For a real, effective and meaningful innovation these three stakeholders need to be connected but reports such as the global synthesis “regional research and innovation for city climate action”, detect still some hiccups in bridging the gap between parties to really act in a coordinated manner. This session, organized by the European Covenant of Mayors, aims at providing a platform for the creation of a roadmap for accelerating and implementing innovation as a key tool for European local and regional governments to meet their climate targets, together with business and research. Representatives from Covenant Europe signatories, cities, academia and businesses will be led through a collective backcasting exercise toward the final target of a climate neutral Europe by 2050. Based on the experiences of the speakers and through a continuous exchange with the audience, the session will take stock of existing barriers and good practices to co-design the steps to better integrate and coordinate innovation agendas across sectors.