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CityStudio: A Model for Global Cities Seeking Innovative Solutions to Global Challenges Through City-Campus Collaboration.

Duane Elverum

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Local governments are playing an increasingly important role in tackling global challenges such as climate change& affordability& equity and reconciliation& and they cannot do it alone. Citizens& business and academia all need to play their part towards innovative local solutions for our common problems. However& around the world it is uncommon for municipalities and academic institutions to work together in the everyday business of city building. CityStudio is a multi-site partnership and lab framework for municipalities and their local post-secondary institutions to collaborate and experiment towards ongoing& meaningful and innovative policy projects. The model creates avenues for innovation and experimentation inside City Hall& uniting city staff with post-secondary researchers& students& faculty and community to co-create solutions for key city challenges. The CityStudio program is a model for global cities seeking innovative local solutions to global challenges through city-campus collaboration. In this presentation and workshop& CityStudio Executive Director Duane Elverum and Marnie McGregor& Global Urban Affairs Advisor& will share lessons from 10 years of projects& experimentation and impact at CityStudio Vancouver as well its 15-city network in Canada& Norway and Australia. The presentation will also demonstrate how the CityStudio model can be adapted to bridge the common gap between municipalities and their local academic institutions to address the priority issues of social justice& youth engagement& the climate crisis& and COVID recovery in cities around the world. A presentation will be followed by an open discussion with a facilitated discussion with participants. Learn more at