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Making the right decision for your city – fighting climate change and air pollution through cleaner mobility (Urban Mobility)

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Road Transport is a major driver of climate change& making up a quarter of energy-related CO2 emissions& and causing harmful air pollution. The need to act could not be more urgent. Globally& 7 million people die each year because of air pollution& among whom 650&000 children. With growing urbanization and private vehicle ownership& emissions from the transport sector are on the rise. During the COVID-19 pandemic& pollution in major cities across the world has dropped to almost pre-industrial levels& giving citizens a glimpse of the benefits& a cleaner& more sustainable urban mobility landscape could deliver. As the world looks forward to building back better& greener& and healthier& it will be important that decision-makers make the right choices for the future of urban mobility. To exploit the socio-economic opportunities cities& offer& we must move away from cars& and focus on a strong urban public transport system that comprises good facilities for walking and cycling. With support from the Urban Pathways and SOLUTIONSplus projects& the proposed session will discuss the newly developed& highly innovative ‘Decision-Makers Support System on Air Quality’ and showcase high resolution digital simulations for different transport interventions in Kigali& Quito& and Kathmandu. The developed Decision Support System Deliver provides new data& research& and insights for cities and city actors and opportunities for scaling up. Government partners will be invited to elaborate on their city-level efforts to tackle pollution and emissions from the transport sector. Possible speakers: - International Climate Initiative IKI& supporting the Urban Pathways Project - UNEP& Sean Khan – Establishing the ‘Consortium of Better Air Quality’ - University of Helsinki& Andrew Rebeiro-Hargrave – Developing ‘MegaSense Decision Support System for Air Quality’ - Open Seneca – citizen science for air pollution monitoring - City governments of Quito& Kigali& Kathmandu& Almaty - UN-Habitat Potential Partners: - International Union of Railways (UIC)& International Association of Public Transport (UITP)& Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)& the Wuppertal Institute& Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI)& Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)& MetaTavu& Finland& and City of Helsinki Websites: