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Challenge prizes: how to design and run open innovation competitions to develop& test and scale innovative solutions in cities

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We will conduct a training to introduce the challenge prize methodology and how to apply it to create and scale innovative solutions to climate challenges in cities& using real-world scenarios. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to scope challenge prizes that will deliver local solutions to complex problems. Challenge prizes (open innovation competitions) inspire new and better approaches to stubborn problems. Successful prizes deliver breakthrough innovations& help innovators thrive and unlock systemic change. A prize can attract new investors to a field& engender interdisciplinary collaborations& generate evidence of best practice& or shape new technologies & approaches as they emerge& including setting conditions for use case development and demonstration or testbed projects. They are increasingly used as a tool to shape policy & regulation. At Nesta Challenges we design and run challenge prizes that help solve pressing problems. Since 2012 we have delivered over 40 and advised on many more in 40 countries across 6 continents. We will present the challenge prize methodology and when and how to use it& featuring examples of how it has been used to drive innovation in cities (including city-based challenges to address climate change). Then we will facilitate an interactive workshop to train participants to use the challenge prize approach to identify& accelerate and scale up innovative solutions to addressing climate change in their cities. We propose the following structure in a 90-minute workshop: Overview of the challenge prize methodology& including: How to design a challenge prize to achieve impact and best practices in delivering impactful prizes Short case studies of relevant prizes& such as open data and testbed challenges& frontier tech challenges and scaling challenges to address climate change Short overview of the city-based challenge prize model& incl the London Mayor’s Resilience Fund to advance post-Covid resilience& the Climate Smart Cities Challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the forming Global Urban Planning Challenge in rapidly urbanising cities Two rounds of interactive breakout sessions to train participants to: Identify problems suitable for solving via a challenge prize Create a compelling challenge statement that would incentivize innovators to enter. This training will empower participants to better understand the challenge prize methodology and how to apply it to drive innovation in their cities.