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Mainstreaming nature-based solutions: priorities and perspectives from Australia

5 speakers

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Nature-based solutions offer an exciting prospect for resilience building and advancing urban planning to address complex urban challenges simultaneously. Taking off from the latest developments, policy and planning practice and science of nature-based solutions in Australia, we intend to open a wider discussion on how cities can effectively mainstream nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to the negative effects of climate change. We will open the dialogue with three interrelated provocations stemming from and being informed from the science and policy context of Australia: First to mainstream nature-based solutions in Australian cities, efforts need to focus on adapting them and improving their efficacy to climate change pressures and extremes including heatwaves and droughts requires an inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge base. Second, to mainstream nature-based solutions, efforts need to be put to localize them as a way to respond to landscape, social, cultural, governance and political context. Third, to mainstream nature-based solutions in Australian cities, co-producing efforts and co-design approaches need to foreground Indigenous perspectives and need to progress decolonization of urban ecology and thereafter decolonizing nature-based solutions.