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Empowering Women and Climate Change

9 speakers

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As urbanization and urban settlements expand rapidly in all parts of the world, many cities face the challenge of becoming more resilient to climate impacts and tackling their rising emissions. Many cities and rural areas are therefore currently developing and implementing strategies and policies to address climate change and its impacts. Over recent times, projects are underway at a local to global level to tackle the gender inequities in the urban environment, from 'Her City Tools' to the initiatives of UN Women and linking to Climate Change.
This session of Empowering Women and Climate Change recognizes the need for more gender equality, racial and social justice. With taking an integrated systemic and connected approach by local governments, private sector and grassroots and civil society organizations, together they have a crucial opportunity to enhance their climate responses from social issues to the supply chain, from poverty alleviation and gender equality.How can diverse leaders and actors from different sectors, across policy-making, architecture and design; innovators and entrepreneurs; corporates and educators, urbanists and place-makers; further progress and tackle climate change?To take action through utilizing education, tools and action together, to integrate gender responsive climate policies at local, city and regional levels.Whilst, empowering the intersectionality of women and girls with advancing racial equity and social equity across the globe. Can we place nature first with consideration to equality and equity for women and girls?