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Financing green innovation for Climate Goals

6 speakers

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Developing innovative technology and infrastructure for climate mitigation/adaptation is crucial for building more sustainable cities and for keeping within a 1.5-degree pathway. However, cities face considerable challenges in financing this kind of transformational climate action. This is particularly the case in developing countries, where issues such as low or no credit rating, low capacity for developing bankable projects, or even political instability can create serious barriers to accessing finance. One opportunity to address the barriers that cities face is through use of innovative financial instruments.
To scale up urban climate investment to the extent needed, cities need to diversify and innovate their financing. In this sense, this panel, co-organized by the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance and ICLEI, will be focused on ‘Financing Green Innovation for Climate Goals’ with a particular focus on subnational/municipal green bonds, Revolving funds and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). With presentations by local government and city network representatives from India, Portugal and the Philippines involved in these projects, panelists will discuss lessons learned and key opportunities to integrate innovation into sustainable urban development, as well as the use of those instruments to finance innovation for climate.