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Moving towards carbon neutral cities - Policies and action plan for cities

6 speakers

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With more number of people living in cities than rural areas, cities are responsible for high percentage of carbon emissions, which is the main driver of anthropogenic climate change. Cities, therefore, need to start being on the forefront of low carbon development. Cities need to engage and invest in localizing sustainable development, address climate change and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Cities need to move towards carbon neutrality and set achievable targets with adaptation and mitigation of climate based low carbon strategies. This session looks to discuss this vital topic and key sectors like energy, mobility and the construction industry that contribute to climate change in cities. The session will also look at various policy interventions and climate action plans prepared for cities in India. The session will showcase the work done by Climate Collective Pune(CCP) on preparing a Low-Carbon development plan for the city of Pune.