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Bob	D'Haeseleer

Bob D'Haeseleer

Alderman @ Stad Eeklo - Belgium


Bob D’Haeseleer graduated in 2008 as a M.Sc in Geography with work on the sub- and supernational scale of democracy. Volunteered as International Secretary for the European Young Greens before getting elected as Alderman in the Belgian city of Eeklo (20.000 inh) responsible for energy, urban planning and climate change for the past 9 years. By rediscovering energy as a local product the city succeeded in making energy more tangible resulting in a broad public support for the energytransition. Resulting in the building permit of 22 windturbines, a legal framework for the biggest district heathing network in Belgium and a new inclusive solar project. All together already covering the cities electricty use for 130% in 2020, going for 63% CO2 reduction in 2030. Findings he written down in a dissertation ‘Energy: Darwins democracy’ for a new M.Sc in International Politics.