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Alcalde Jorge Muñoz

Alcalde Jorge Muñoz

Mayor of Lima - City of Lima


Jorge Muñoz Wells is an all-time citizen of Lima, who assumed the Office of Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima on January 1, 2019. He is a lawyer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru with a Masters in Territorial Planning and Environmental Management from the University of Barcelona; he is an executive with over 25 years of experience in municipal management.

Before being elected as Mayor of Lima, he was Mayor of the District Municipality of Miraflores two times (2011 – 2014 and 2015 – 2018). Before that, he was three times Councilman in Miraflores (1999 – 2010), serving as Deputy Mayor between 2003 and 2006 and Municipal Director of Miraflores (1996 – 1998).

As part of his higher studies, he has taken courses on public safety and local economic development conducted in Israel. Additionally, he has various specializations on management, leadership and administration of public and private institutions. He received a scholarship from the Government of Japan.

He has been a member of the National Council for Competitiveness and Formalization (CNC), and has also been President of the National Coordination of OMAPED Networks.

As Mayor of the District of Miraflores, he was awarded the Queen Sofia of Spain Award 2012 as a recognition from the Spanish Government, awarded by the Queen of Spain herself. Additionally, during his term Miraflores was awarded over 15 Good Practices in Public Management Awards by organizations such as Ciudadanos al Día (CAD) and the Award for Entrepreneurial Creativity from the University of Applied Sciences, as well as awards for initiatives in environmental management, social inclusivity, citizen services, among others. One of the most important recognitions is the implementation of the “Miraflores 360° Program: Everyone for public safety”, which has become a municipal model recognized internationally.

Mayor Jorge Muñoz is currently: Member of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy for Latin America and the Caribbean.
Only Latin American member of the C40 and Mayors Migration Council’s Task Force on Climate and Migration.
Current member of the Advisory Commission on Urbanism, under the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.
Current member of the Commission for Economy Reactivation in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Current member of the Supportive Commission for Peru’s vaccination process.

As Mayor of Lima, his Government Plan has focused on four key areas: public safety, transport, fight against corruption and public cleaning. He wishes to transform the city of Lima into the city we all deserve to live in.

He is married and has three children. Passionate for sports, he has participated in many important marathons such as the New York Marathon, as well as triathlons and other competitions.