The co-hosts, GCoM & UN-Habitat, have partnered to deliver this ground-breaking conference, under the guidance of the Science and Innovation Steering Committee. The co-hosts have brought together a diverse range of partners working on urban climate issues from academia, policymakers, practitioners, business, civil society, and the innovation community.

The Partner organizations are a part of the Partners Network Organizing Committee that contributes towards program development, speakers’ identification, and help disseminate findings and outcomes to other events and initiatives.

The Regional Curators help shape a conference programme that is representative and reflective of cities climate change science regional priorities and interests. The Regional Curatorial teams are recognized as supporters of the event, for providing curated programme segments that feature tangible on-the-ground outcomes, co-creation of regional solutions, and present leading research, innovation, and practice from their nominated region.

Resilience First is a not-for-profit membership organisation, funded and led by the businesses across industry sectors, with a mission to advance resilience best practice for mutual benefit and that of society.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (hereinafter referred to as “KAS”) is a German political foundation, committed to fostering democracy, democratic processes and institutions at the national and international level. KAS is implementing projects in more than 120 countries and has 16 offices in sub-Saharan-Africa. KAS has more than 60 years of experience in international cooperation. Activities around the thematic areas of sustainable urban development, and climate change adaptation and mitigation in Sub-Saharan Africa are implemented by KAS via its Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Its objective is to strengthen the political and social framework for climate friendly sustainable development as well as fostering regional and international cooperation on energy security and on climate adaption and mitigation plans in the region. KAS works in accordance to its Christian values and puts self-determination of the individual at the center of its work. KAS is largely financed by funds from the German federal level.

The Melbourne Centre for Cities , University of Melbourne, focuses on the role of cities in major societal challenges, how city leadership can address them, and the information needed to do so in a connected but also disrupted and unequal time. The Centre works globally, connecting urban researchers and key stakeholders in cities and city leadership.

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