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Please continue discussions from I4C Conference sessions under any of these topics. You can post your own ideas or comment on others using the functions below. Please consider adding discussions on research and innovation needs; ideas on how to fill these gaps; how would this new knowledge support the work you do; Is this topic of specific need in your city or region or sector that you work in? etc.. or post research and practice links of relevance to share with conference organisers and participants. Thank you for joining the discussion boards for the Innovate4Cities Conference.

Our intent is to provide a space for open and constructive discussion on the themes of the conference. These discussion boards will be vital to the conference outcomes report and comments may be reflected in the final report.

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Do you use the GRAA from the 2018 Edmonton Cities and Climate Change Science Conference? Tell us about it in this survey

Uptake of the Global Research & Action Agenda on Cities and Climate Change Science

We would love it if you could provide insights on sessions you attended to provide input to the updated GRAA. You can fill in the survey with general comment or pertaining to a specific survey

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The discussion boards are not actively moderated or facilitated so we ask that you follow these rules of engagement to ensure everyone can participate constructively:
· Keep comments and inputs targeted to the theme of the discussion board
· Be respectful of differences of experience and perspective on the topic
· Please no derogatory, offensive or inflammatory language
· Please keep comments professional and not personal in nature, including no attacks on individuals or their views
· Please aim to keep comments and questions positive and constructive

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