Innovate4Cities FAQs

1- How can I register for the event?

I4C is a public event and registration is open to everyone interested in. Please register on the conference landing page here. Once registered, the platform will automatically generate a personalized virtual badge and will send you a confirmation email. The registration requires you to fill in a small form to get to know you and your interests.

2- Once registered, what do I have access to?

Registration allows participant to access event content as following:
- Pre-event, you have access to the event general information
- During the event, registration allows you to access live streaming of plenary sessions, mayoral reception, Parallel Sessions, Innovation lab sessions, speakers list and access to pre- recorded videos, including virtual field trips (in the Cinema space).
- After the event, access to all event content is possible in Replay mode.

3- Does registration imply the creation of my profile on the platform?

No, registration is not a profile creation. It helps you just have access to the public event content. If you want to access a second time, your navigator should be able to give you access without any other registration. If you want to access from another device you can still register either with the same credentials or with new ones. It is easy, simple and accessible.

4- What if I forget my registration info or if I connect from another device?

No problem, you can still register with the same credentials or a new one. There is no password needed.

5- How can I engage with speakers in live sessions?

The platform offers the possibility to engage in live sessions through chat. Your questions, comments and suggestions will be accessible to speakers and will answer them either orally during the session or by writing back to you on the chat. Some sessions will offer the possibility to join the video conference Zoom meeting to participants. In that case, an action button to request joining will be visible on the platform.

6- How can I access live interpretation?

The event is international with speakers from all over the world. Sessions will predominantly be in English. There will be live translation for some sessions in French, Spanish, or English. - available on the right side bar. You can easily choose the language of interpretation while having access at the same time to the original language in the live streaming.

7- How can I navigate the event and find my interests?

he platform provides easy navigation through a conference with very rich content. First, the platform provides a lobby where you can easily identify the virtual spaces of the conference with quick links. The conference is composed by the following virtual spaces:
- Plenary
- Mayoral Reception
- Innovation Lab
- Parallel Sessions
- Cinema Space
It is also possible to search for your interest by themes, sub-themes and days using the search and filter bar in the top of the event schedule.
Finally, we are also invited to navigate the speakers space to discover their profiles and bios based on your interest.

8- If I need more information or help, who can I contact?

For any information about the I4C’s content, you can navigate through the lobby and different virtual spaces. If needed, you can contact the organizers by email
For any help or technical support, you can contact us by email on or via our help desk (via videoconference).

9-Will the speakers of the same session have a holding room to interact together before going live ?

Yes , we will provide you with a separate link to the holding room.

10- Is it possible to have breakout rooms ?

Yes, breakout rooms are possible. A coordination between the session host/speaker and the Evey Tech moderator will be needed to define the number and the setting of breakout rooms.

11- Will the speakers have the private chat option ?

Yes they will have two chats
the videoconference chat and it’s private for the speakers
The congress chat where they will interact with participants

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