Background to the conference

Innovate4Cities is GCoM’s city-focused research and innovation initiative an outcome of the 2018 Edmonton Cities and Climate Change Science Conference and builds on the resulting Global Research and Action Agenda (GRAA) on Cities and Climate Change Science. The Initiative’s focus is on answering the most pressing questions posed by cities and local governments when evaluating why and how to take climate action which extends to defining and addressing knowledge and innovation gaps and opportunities. Creating meaningful partnerships between and among members of the scientific and academic communities, businesses, and the government is also at the heart of the Innovate4Cities Initiative. Experience shows that partnerships are vital in overcoming many barriers local governments face in taking real climate action.

Galvanized by the Edmonton Declaration, Innovate4Cities was launched in 2018 by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) through the first urban climate research and innovation agenda. The agenda establishes co-developed research and development priorities around the most significant data, innovation, and technological gaps to provide cities with the tools, information, and partnerships they need to achieve sustainable and, livable cities.
Edmonton Declaration

Call for Action

To deliver accelerated and more ambitious climate change action, it is critical for national and regional governments, academia, the private sector, civil society organizations, and local governments to form solutions-driven and outcomes-oriented partnerships. Innovate4Cities challenges these partners to work collaboratively and calls on:

  • National Governments: To allocate at least one-third of their research and development budgets over the next decade to city climate action priorities;
  • Private Sector: To partner with cities and local governments to share valuable data, technologies, and innovative solutions for the public benefit;
  • Academia: To recruit 10 million new students and adopt new models of interdisciplinary learning, knowledge creation, and problem-solving;
  • Global City Networks: To establish a consistent city research agenda communicated with one voice and coordinated with global research and academic communities; and,
  • Cities and Local Governments: To fully embrace their leadership role in accelerating climate action.

Learn more about GCoM’s #Innovate4Cities initiative here.

Science and Innovation partnerships driving inclusive, resilient and climate neutral cities.
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Science and Innovation partnerships driving inclusive, resilient and climate neutral cities.

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